Concrete Roofs and Decks: Waterproofing with a 4mm(plain surface) torch-on-waterproofing membrane and UV protected with two coats of heat/light reflective silver aliminium paint. Balconies and Exposed Roofing: Utilising superio

Waterproofing of new and old cement (Reservoirs with 4mm Bitumen Liners). 12 Month Labour Warranty. 10 Year Product Warranty. 25 year life expectancy. Soil dam Liners from HDPE 1mm to torch on Bitumen 4mm liners. Very low life cycle cost

Department of Labour Registered Asbestos Contractor. Removal of old asbestos roofing from stores, housing or industrial areas. Disposal of Asbestos according to regulation. Cleaning of asbestos and encapsulation of asbestos according to CSIR

​Application of specialised floor covering systems including:     Polyurethane     Epoxy     Screeds and sealing of screeds General painting contractor that includes a
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